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Anarchy and Mickey Mouse – How black-clad slacker protesters and faceless corporations remade America #anarchy #usercenteredgovernment

Anarchy and Mickey Mouse – How black-clad slacker protesters and faceless corporations remade America
BY Justin Epperly


The concept of Anarchy and regional independence has remade our nation and our world.

From a political science perspective, similar socio-political entities band together in times of mutual trouble and move apart during mutual prosperity.
Usually a balance exists, keeping the pendulum from swinging significantly towards unity or independence among the entities. When the base is tilted the balance is interrupted, and history gives us events like the American civil war, Europe before 1950 (Marshal Plan), and the fabled wars between the Greek city-states.

The poles re-align and modern democracy continues, still the most adaptable political system. New players emerge and old ones switch roles, but the power game continues along with democracy.

Today's concept of Anarchy is the end product of a 400 year evolution of human government and individual rights. Our nation's anarchy zones, as well as those of similar nations, function more like the micro-kingdomes of Brunei and Luxembourg in the 20th century, ruling independently with the tacit approval of the ruling powers in their geographic region.

Anarchy zones became legally recognized as a truce between nationwide protesters and the US Federal government (which became clear were controlled by corporate entities) ending the 2nd American Revolution. By allowing Anarchy zones to exist and rule themselves with no limits, the United States has been able to retain its geopolitical brand identity while simultaneously allowing our society to realign along our evolving limits of human rights and corporate rights.

Most accept that our current understanding of Anarchy as a political system was catalyzed by the rise of the American Corporation in the 20th century. These entities, legally given the rights of a person, never died and had the resources of 1000s but none of their individual limits. They were unstoppable in open competition. They could break any rule and survive. They could operate at a loss for years. They could patent life. No individual could compete. Humanity had met its match.

Except it hadn't. Corporations can't exist without humans to consume their products. Thus corporations came to rule their creators, then be again supplanted by consumer demand. People wanted to live forever, have everything now, and it was the corporations function to provide them with everything reality had to offer.

So corporations now have even wider diversity of services. Several small countries are owned and operated by corporations. They have evolved into a self-organizing human entity with parenthetical goals to humanity…survival and growth.

Our country exists because we know now that opposition will always exist. Giving this opposition its own space in Anarchy zones balances the power corporations took in the 20th century and the United States survived another tip of the pendulum.


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