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Sorry super-geeks: Command line = GUI _give me an example of a non-graphical user interface #GUI #linux #cybernetics

The command line, the preferred interface for the best and brightest computer users, has become a battle line in usability and coding. There is an active group that makes a distinction between a command line interface and all other types of user interfaces.


Intra-industry rivalries are fine…reporters for a major daily paper compete among each other regularly for the best stories. The problem is when insider rivalries start affecting everyone's bottom line.

All computing professionals need to stop making the command line a special, distinctive interface among other interfaces. It is, undoubtedly, the fastest for experienced users. This fact is not up for debate. Command line is the fastest.

However, it is still a GRAPHICAL user interface. You read words and type. It's not done by sense of smell, people. The only difference is typing vs using a mouse or other device.

As a design professional, I see it as my job to work towards an interface that lets ANY users interface with the efficiency the command line offers an experienced user.


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