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Microsoft’s False Dichotomy

Here’s the tech industry’s problem in a nutshell:

“Windows 8 appears to have placed value on a rich user experience over productivity.”

from Huffington Post

In plain terms, computer makers think they have to choose between being fun to use and being fast and productive_FALSE DICHOTOMY

Hardware is so fast now we don’t have to choose between productivity and ‘rich user experience’ anymore. After the iPhone 4, how can Apple improve it? Device makers like Apple and Blackberry are at the mercy of the service providers like Verizon and ATT when it comes to connection speed/strength. All device makers can do is variations on the same device at this point in our tech evolution, and this is the new normal.

The missing element is profit. Microsoft and others have no idea how to make any money now that processing power is so cheap. Really how many more pixels do you have to have on your smartphone before it becomes redundant?

In the broader sense, we can see in the example above how traditional capitalist corporations have no way to deal with decreasing marginal utility. It baffles them…’how can we make a better device when speed/graphics are no longer a factor???’

User-Centered Design is the solution. Ask WHY the person is using your device in the first place, then make that transaction as seamless and fast as possible. Pioneer ways to get users the advertising information they want to see without invading their privacy.

I could go on…Microsoft is an easy target because they are so clumsy, but many US companies operate the same way.


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