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ASCII art generator

Here is my ASCII art generator site:

Upload any image and the system will convert it into ASCII art, and save your design to the gallery, share via hyperlink. Right click to download the image.

It’s a work in progress, but the functionality is there. I’m just happy to have it up and running so I can build-out the interface with Javascript.

I designed and deployed it (with help from my PdxCodeGuild instructor) using the following: HTML/CSS/JS, JQuery, Python, Django, PostgreSQL

Here’s a demo:



Justin Epperly interview on OPB

Here is the interview I did with OPB on NPR about the usability of the Cover Oregon website on roll-out:

Looking back it’s still shocking to me how bad Oracle handled the contract.

When is Quantum not Quantum?

Lots of news recently about “Quantum Computing.” Here’s a good explanation of what it really means in current parlance from a slashdot commenter:

“Quantum Computers are not super-computers. On a bit-for-bit (or qubit-for-qubit) scale, they’re not necessarily faster than regular computers, they just process info differently.”

What I Really Do: Snowboarder



is this life?

Blackberry is dead…Long live Blackberry!

Look, Blackberry got WAY more popular than it ever deserved to be b/c it allowed businessmen to send emails via their mobile phone starting in the mid-90s

They could offer the service b/c they have their own RIM infrastructure.

Problem is, for Blackberry to move forward, they have to overcome the things that brought them from their heyday in the pre-iphone days to the useless lump they are now.

Soviet Space Dog